Winfield Water Works

The Water Works and Sewer Board of the City of Winfield provides its customers with a reliable supply of safe, clean water and environmentally effective sewage collection and treatment.

The Winfield Water Works and Sewer board was established in 1946. When the city bought the water system from Warrior Water Works in September of 1946, there were 858 customers and one well. Immediately the Water Works Board drilled four additional wells trying to find sufficient water.

Finally in 1953 they were forced to build a filter plant and weir and one 500,000 gallon standpipe. In 1961, with the addition of two tanks totaling 400,000 gallons of storage the city had enough raw water to double the capacity of the filter plant.

The city had recently taken over the duties of the sewer system, and by having the widespread location of the storage tanks, there was now much better water pressure for all customers as well as an additional safeguard in case of an unusually large fire.

Over the years, the Water Works & Sewer Board of the City of Winfield has continued to meet the needs of the citizens with clean water an expanded sewer coverage. Winfield is fortunate to have this service available to the citizens and businesses of the area.